Everything is taken care of, right down to the finest detail, from leather selection to packaging: along the rigorously made in Italy manufacturing process of an Amahra bag there is nothing left to chance.


All Amahra designs are created using soft nappa-effect calfskin, 1.3 mm thick. It's a choice aimed at strengthening the fluttering appearance of their ruches, as well as at achieving the best leather combinations. Moreover, our winter collection 2017/2018 introduces genuine suede leather and vintage-effect leather. From the experience of craftsmen's hands, sophisticated accessories take shape, highlighting the elegance of their lines as well as the care for pure handicraft made in Italy.


It's a niche production of the highest quality: dedicated machinery - not widely used - has been adopted to get a special flattening and overlapping needed to obtain the peculiar soft waving effect of our ruches and their contrasting colors. In order to achieve the desired effect, Amahra's ruches require a four-handed process: a technique expressing a premium craftsmanship confirmed by the care down to the finest detail, as the inclusion of a leather zipper pull in matching colors. Moreover, leather is hand-dyed, in order to obtain an "icing" effect: it's a process requiring at least three steps and the greatest attention, especially when dying contrasting trims.


Amahra bags are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. Every Amahra bag is lined with strong, lightweight cotton fabric which is pleasant to the touch and does not affect the weight of the bag. Every internal element – zipper, buttonhole, knob and magnet – is made in Italy; moreover, some of them are customized for Amahra models, as in the case of our metal zippers. Our sewing thread is a premium quality 30 weight thread, to fully meet those attributes which distinguish top of the range products.


Our handbags are packaged with protective white cotton dust bags, showing Amahra logo printed on them. These stylish dust bags are closed with a black satin ribbon, matching our logo color. Focusing attention not only on the aesthetic appearance, but also on the environmental sustainability, Amahra always opt for shopping bags and cardboard packaging made from recycled materials.